"I can’t tell you what an enriching experience this has been for our whole family and especially for Josh. The instructors there were so much more than teachers for Josh, they were his idols and his role models.


It has been an amazing time, and I know that as Josh gets older he will look back on all the memories he made at the SOR fondly.


You have created something special there, and I hope you understand what an impact your efforts have had on the lives of these children.


Thank you for everything!"

— Tim Gallagher - Father of School of Rock Denver student

Carlson's time at School of Rock helped her recruit most of her current bandmates. It spurred her to apply to Berklee which, unlike other colleges that offer music majors geared mainly toward classical and jazz, offered the opportunity to train as a well-rounded musician.

— Chelsea Carson, student from Long Valley School of Rock

"School of Rock is the best thing we have done for our three children. They learn self-confidence, teamwork, and musicianship in an environment that is safe and free of the typical age-barrier restrictions that are often inherent in other student activities. The youngest and oldest kids in the school work together and everyone is an equal on stage. I wish other youth activities were as welcoming."

— Tony C., parent, Great Valley, PA

"School of Rock has helped develop my daughter's self confidence. She just lights up when she is on stage. I just love watching and seeing her growth as a person and as a musician. SOR is her second family."

— Lori H., parent, Downingtown, PA

"It is hard to articulate the pride you feel as a parent when you see your kid perform on-stage. As a music teacher for fifteen years, it is easy to say that choosing the Downingtown School of Rock for our fifteen year-old son, was indeed, the best parenting decision we have made yet."

— Susan B., parent, Unionville, PA

"When we decided to send our daughter to SOR, we never imagined what a positive impact that one decision would have on her life. She transformed from a shy, quiet kid to a confident, incredible musician, with an active social life and many close friends she considers her second family. The amazing memories she’ll always have of touring and performing with the All-Stars at world-renowned venues and festivals are just icing on the cake."

— Karla D., parent, Unionville, PA

"I wish I had School of Rock when I was growing up."

— Nearly Every Parent Who Walks Through Our Doors

“School of Rock has been a great community for these kids. It is an alternative to extracurricular activities that a lot of these kids can really fit into where they might feel out of place in other arenas.”  

— Andrew, San Diego, CA

“School of Rock provides opportunities not just for kids to learn the classic material and techniques of rock and roll, but also provides them with fantastic lessons in problem solving, team building, and the rewards of hard work while building their self esteem and confidence (all while having a blast). The SoR experience creates not only rock stars on stage, but it transfers into other areas of the kids lives as well!”  

— Rocker Mom, Salt Lake City, UT

“You are transforming my child into someone who knows that she "can." She doesn't hope for the "I can" anymore - she KNOWS she can now. Our daughter is learning how to come out of herself, take risks, close her eyes and just fly. We are so grateful. More than you can ever know."  

— Francine & Lou, Fort Washington, PA